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According to David Goyer, the writer for Man of Steel he’s apparently working on a live action Suerpman prequel TV series called Krypton. The show would take a Gotham approach, following the events and stories leading up to Kal-El’s arrival on Earth. In other words this would be a sci fi show set on Krypton, which is unheard of for any TV show, animated or live action, and would actually be really awesome. Here’s hoping it actually happens!
@Raadhiyah right?! I have no idea how that would work but it seems like a cool idea c:
OMG!😍 Awsom so excited for the new tv series of superman. Thankx David.
@EightyNine yeah it's so awesome! tho technically Batman already does because the idea with this is that's it's a prequel, which is what Gotham is for Batman. and Spiderman is Marvel, but you never know it could get picked up by someone!
Man they are going all out with the shows. Next you know Batman and Spiderman will be getting their own stuff