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Lack of sleep can rob skin of its natural glow. So, how do you revive your skin when it is not in its best condition in the morning? The most natural and best resource is water. Tired skin is a result of dehydration. When we sleep our body naturally becomes dehydrated because there is no water intake during sleep, however our kidney continues to do the toxic cleanse and remove excess stuff from our body. When no water is contributed to this from the external source, our body uses the water that's already in our system, form cells, blood, etc. This stimulates thirst Another interest fact: sleeping with open mouth can also cause dehydration. Thus, we naturally because thirsty in the morning. The first thing we can do is balance the dryness with water! Here’s a quick tip to revive dull and dry skin in the morning: 1. Lemon water - we all heard about the benefits from this post --> 2. Facial Mist - They are refreshing and instantly wakes you up. I like carrying a portable-sized spray to freshen up my face throughout the day. 3. Eye masks - Lack of sleep causes blood vessels to dilate, causing the look of dark circles. Bright eyes can immediately give your complexion a lift! Eye mask and eye patch is a quick and easy fix!
@TechAtHeart They're addicting. I usually put them on after shower and before sleep. I work in front of the computer the whole day, so my eyes are really worned out. These little masks are life savers!
how you do the eye mask?
I have an awesome eye mask that has gel in it so you throw it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and then put it on your eyes for 15. It is great!
I have never tried eye masks before. I should try some! :)