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> > What is the software development lifecycle? SDLC is the a series of steps for the development and managment of an app or piece of software. These steps can vary depending on the project or industry, but in general the steps are the following: 1. Planning and Requirement Analysis 2. Defining Requirements 3. Designing the product architecture 4. Building or Developing the Product 5. Testing the Product 6. Deployment in the Market and Maintenance It's pretty intuitive, when you think about it. I have only worked on small scale projects for class however, so I wouldn't know how this looks like on a larger scale at a company.
@csgeek yup the best firms are the once who got the team thats insynced they the once who pump out the great apps and OSs
@AutoExtremist Lol, like magic! I can imagine teamwork is crucial!!
on the larger scale it looks like this 6 teams working on one project or 3 teams the coders clash with the Smart once that write the code and programers do their own thing lol eventualy something gets slapped together in a XD controlled setting
I have never thought about this before. Are you wanting to get into software development?
@TechAtHeart yes I want to get into it. at least I'm planning to! @AutoExtremist are you a programmer?