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Notorious hacker group, Anonymous, had a bit of fun with Atlantic Records this past week. They urged Atlantic via Twitter to announce the release date of Lupe Fiasco's upcoming album "Tetsuo & Youth". Granted, the tweet (attached photo) didn't say what would happen if they didn't announce the date within 24 hours, but Atlantic must have figured why risk it? Lupe had been hinting at it's release but clearly wasn't ready to announce this information anytime soon. But, Atlantic's site didn't crash, and now I know I have a belated birthday present in the form of new Lupe Fiasco this January. So no (serious) harm, no foul?
I mean I'm glad no one got hurt and nothing got messed up but I hate how Anonymous bullies people :/
lol give up the release date now!
I wonder just how they choose their targets: very interesting.
Hahaha this was so dumb.