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Each year, Ellen sends her writer Amy, and sometimes her Executive Producer Andy, to experience the horrors of a haunted house. Thankfully for us, they film every minute, so we can laugh at their fear (instead of being terrified on our own!!)
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Haha! Working for Ellen must be a wild ride!
3 years ago·Reply
@Sjeanyoon @TechAtHeart Hey its just a little fun!! You can do it~~ @kristenadams I would be so nervous about every day: whats she gonna do next kind of thing
3 years ago·Reply
I think Ellen might be the only show I enjoy watching as far as day time talk shows. No, I'm positive her's is the only one I enjoy watching.
3 years ago·Reply
Her costume in the first video is hilarious ahahhaha
3 years ago·Reply
I was laughing at their reactions but if I was in their place I would have been screaming even louder!
3 years ago·Reply