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Our photography meetup group met at the Oakland Cemetery, had a great time snapping photos and geeking out about photography.
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I love these. Taking pictures in cemeteries (while a little morbid) is actually so great because there's so much going on visually and so many stories. I went to one by my house for a B&W photography project too, but these are muuuuch nicer.
Thank you for sharing these, @photogandy! It's so cool that you have a photography meetup group. I especially like the color and light in the 6th image. Nice job!
Also, may I ask what you used to take them?
Thank you I have a sony nex 6, it's a little mirrorless camera, but has a entry level DSLR sensor, great camera for me to learn on, still debating on canon or nikon when it's time to up grade @sanityscout.
I'm thinking about getting a camera myself, but not sure where to start. I don't want to overspend when I'm still an amateur. Right now I just use my phone - but it's amazing how good phone photos can be these days!