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The Lions and Falcons traveled overseas to play at the historic Wembley Stadium and while the Falcons showed up in the 1st half, the Lions were the only ones on the field when the 2nd half started as they found away to not screw themselves and grind out a win. The United States got its taste of very early morning football and the game was a tale of two halves. The New York Jets, specifically Geno Smith, threw 3 interceptions before the end of the 1st half resulting in the appearance of Michael Vick as the Jets QB. Neither were able to get the job done. The Lions, Falcons and Jets were some of the worst football of the week…who were your JURKS of the NFL WEEK 8? Leave them in the comments section below.
@DanteL The Falcons O-Line can't block anyone and that has been their downfall. Combine that with their terrible defense and its going to be tough for them to win any games this season.
Jets are shit lol. Ryan needs to be fired. And damn the falcons are so disappointing. What happened to then