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Awesome footage of an A-rig strike cam from underwater. This one is fitted with blades; I'm personally not a big fan of Arigs (learn more about them here: but this footage is amazing. Nothing like seeing just what the fish are seeing underwater!! Does this make anybody want to use the A-rig a bit more (don't do it if its illegal in your area, though)? @dougjohnson How about you mod?
@yakwithalan @fallingwater @happyrock I'm not much of a fan either. Like you all said even if you are a great fisherman these can get caught up on rocks and other submerged things so easily, and then you're trying to get unstuck or having to leave the rigs behind....never ends well.
Pretty cool, but I think we should keep these things out of the water!
I doni't think I could control an a-rig underwater; look how easy it was to get caught up!
Really not a fan of these rigs, but its really cool to see the way that they bite (or don't) as always. I really want to rig up my own underwater cam to see why some of my jigs don't work