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Walmart will be adding "certified pre-owned video games" to their store selection, a pretty big deal for the world’s biggest retailer. They’ll be starting the trade in option March next year. Walmart is already the biggest video game seller in the US and this will be a really awesome option for gamers who maybe don’t have smaller game stores or even indie stores to buy from.
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Its about time....still likely to buy mostly steam games myself!
@Spudsy2061 yeah, I'm lucky there's a local game store that's got a good selection but amazon's my other go to. and yeah just as @timeturnerjones said steam is where it's at!
@AgentCory Local game stores are where it's at. That's the kind of place I found and bought Steel Battalion from. As @timeturnerjones stated, I'll probably knock down that 40 game wishlist this Holiday Sale.
@Spudsy2061 I'm impatient waiting for it XD
@timeturnerjones You and me both mate. You and me both.