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No relationship is perfect, but there are just some problems that are a clear indicator that it’s not going to last. Other issues are simply an indication that you aren’t ready for the relationship, and it’s not a judgement on you or your partner, just an indicator that you need to do what’s best for you. They don’t tell you the hard stuff. ● Sharing your problems, your concerns, your frustrations, your personal drama or demons, sharing anything not happy is hard. It’s even harder when you want every second with your partner to be filled with sunshine and rainbows, but part of being in a committed, serious relationship is sharing the good and the bad. If your partner doesn’t want to spoil your weekend together, or you dinner by talking about their problems, that’s a huge red flag. If one of you isn’t being honest. ● This one, like so many other relationship issues, comes down to communication. Are you both on the same page? Are you just having fun, or is this a long term commitment? Either one is fine, but only when you both agree to it knowingly. It can take a lot of work to have the conversations that get you to the same place, but if you aren’t able to do that one or both of you is going to end up hurt. If you’re scared of being single. ● Loneliness is a horrible feeling, but being in a mediocre relationship to avoid being by yourself is worse. Not only are you hurting the other person, you’re hurting yourself. Focus on yourself a little bit, be happy with the person you are, and then you’ll be able to find someone wonderful to share your awesome self with!
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Great advice! And if you are happy with yourself then you already are sharing your life with someone wonderful....you!