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Organic bitter melon from my garden. We usually cook this veggie like sauteeing it with eggs or we put it in this dish called pinakbet - its a mixture of diff vegetables like kabucha squash, okra, yard long beans, tomatoes, eggplant and cooked with pork and salted tiny shrimps. But since I know that this "babies" are 100% chemical free so I am just gonna eat it raw like raddish where I'll just slice them thin, then add salt n pepper then tomatoes n onions and vinegar and little sugar. Great with freshly cooked white rice and adobo Cebuano. That's one of the joys in gardening --- enjoying the fruits of your labor :)
@getfitwithamy, my garden is like my little sanctuary ... so soothing and so rewarding when you see your plants flourish, like the rose bushes in the springtime ... i hurry to get home to see and talk to my babies :) then the tomtoes in the summer, the home grown has is unbeatable taste and not to mention sweet corn, no fake stuff ... just plain organic. yes! i'd really recommend you to give it a try :)
I have always talked about starting a vegetable garden in my backyard but I've never gotten around to it. You're inspiring me to finally get to it!
Wow! First the sweet potatoes, now this!! You're an ace gardener!
@nokcha I believe you mean 'melon' not 'lemon' ;) These aren't the prettiest melons I've ever seen but it sounds like you can do a lot with them.
I've actually never had bitter lemon, but pinakbet sounds delicious!
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