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Amazing Places to see in Lyon
Lyon is in the Rhรดne-Alpes region and although itโ€™s one of the largest cities in France, itโ€™s a very livable size โ€“ not too big, not too small. Lyon has earned a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. There are lots of amazing places to see in Lyon, but not a lot that you have to see. The city boasts France's oldest ancient ruins, medieval quarters, and fine Renaissance houses. There are so many things to do in Lyon, from museums to food to shopping. If you like to visit beautiful monuments and historical museums then these places are perfect for you. List of Amazing places in Lyon : 1.Quartier Saint-Jean and Quartier Saint-Georges (Old Town) Lyon's atmospheric Quartier Saint-Jean is the place to discover the city's Old World ambiance. It's a delightful place for a leisurely stroll. The Musรฉe d'Histoire de Lyon (History Museum) illustrates the history of the city-from antiquity through the Middle Ages and Renaissance up to the 20th century. The Musรฉe des Arts de la Marionnette (Puppet Museum) displays marionettes from all over the world. 2. Louviere Basilica This magnificent church, ever visible on the Fourviรจre hill to the west of the city is one of a series of iconic hill-top churches built in major French cities in the late-19th century. The architecture of the church is quite unique having both Byzantine and Romanesque styles. Go inside to see the extravagant interiors and the Museum of Sacred Art, and to ascend the north tower for one of Lyonโ€™s best photo ops. The basilica is in the oldest part of the city, Lyonโ€™s pilgrimage site and where several Roman sites have been discovered. 3. Theatre of Fourviรฉre The Roman Theatre of Fourviรฉre is the oldest theatre in France. The theater contains steep seating galleries, a decorated floor, and the foundation of a large stage. Despite its antiquity, the theater is in incredible shape and provides the perfect setting to immerse yourself in ancient history. 4. Parc de la Tรชte dโ€™Or A little way north of the center is one of the largest urban parks in the country, with a zoo and Franceโ€™s foremost botanical garden within its boundaries. For families with kids the park is a must-do, thank the African Plain, with zebras, lions, and giraffes. There are a lake offering opportunities for boating, waterside picnics and scenic strolls along the shoreline. If youโ€™re around in spring then the international rose garden should be one of your first ports of call in the city.
Screw Normal Houses, Give Me A Tree House
Since so many people loved my card about Tiny Houses I thought you might also be interested in another new and AMAZING way to live... Fully furnished and jaw dropping Tree Houses! You read that right. There is now a show called TreeHouse Masters that build beautiful and livable tree houses. So any of you who related to Tarzan on a level most people could not understand....well this guys does! The tree houses are not your run of the mill planks nailed together like you had when you were a kid (or at least saw in the movies). These tree house include - a working bathroom - a functional kitchen - running water and - the most amazing views So what are you waiting for? Sell that old house and hop on the coolest band wagon yet. Tree Houses: To recreate your childhood...only now you have money. Check out this tour of a recently finished tree house! Doesn't that just look stunning. And the host of the show is SO NICE! I can not get over how beautiful this tree house is. Here are just a few more pics of their amazing creations. Here is a tree house that's roof is a living part of it! Many tree houses grow plants and grass onto their roofs to great an even earthier feel. No size or shape is impossible for the tree masters as they create circle houses and even houses that take the shape of a pinecone! Just look at the inside of this house!! Its the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Although I think building a tree house like this one is going to cost a little more then a tiny house.... Well, happy saving and let me know if you would be just as down to live in a tree house as I am! I thought you might like this card since you liked the last one !! @buddyesd @jeff4122 @JordanNash @marshalledgar
A tour to Dubai
A tour to Dubai is never finished without experience in the wide rambling sandhills of Dubai. Experience the excellence and wonderfulness of the brilliant sands with an elating desert safari Dubai tour. Hire Land Cruiser, drivers who are master in desert driving will take you to rise to slam against the moving sandy slopes in an evening of outrageous rush and fervor. A while later, you can rest and unwind as you submerge yourself in Bedouin culture at a desert camp where all the more astonishing exercises anticipate you and your companions. In short desert safari Dubai UAE has all the adventurers you want. Once in the hills, basically appreciate the thrill ride rides and appreciate the all the way open desert sees. Here are some broad tips to help you appropriately get ready for your desert safari experience in magnificent Dubai. Dhow cruise creek Dubai price are also available for the customers who want to have the most exciting and memorable adventures of their lives. Have a light and yummy lunch. Try not to eat whatever will agitate your stomach when your 4x4s move all over the sand ridges. The ride can get exceptionally uneven and can make you feel sick. Wear agreeable yet tolerable attire. Shorts, shirts, or lightweight tops are worthy. You can bring additional shawls or coats for when the climate temperature chills off around evening time. Since you will have the chance to skip in the sands during breaks, it is desirable to wear open shoes, flip lemon, or shoes. Sand can go anyplace inside your shoes. Likewise, with any outside trip, remember to wear sunblock. Bring a cap and sunglass, as well. Bring a camera or a camcorder to catch the energizing experience and the hypnotizing excellence of the desert. Bring some money or Mastercard. While in transit to the desert, there will be solace stops where you can get some light refreshments. At the camp, you can purchase photographs and recordings taken by the official visit picture taker just as trinkets from shops. During the ridge slamming, remember to lash yourself in. The safari vehicles are furnished with legitimate health highlights and affirmed safe by the administration. The drivers are prepared specialists in desert driving also, so there is no compelling reason to stress. If licenses, you can get the lovely nightfall over the skyline similarly as you appreciate sliding down the sandy slopes while sand loading up. Because of the harsh idea of the movement, rise slamming isn't suggested for pregnant ladies, babies, and those with back and heart issues. In any case, they can even now appreciate the exercises at the desert camp, and visit organizations would be glad to take them legitimately there. At the desert camp, everyone can appreciate an energizing determination of contributions. Take a short camel ride. Appreciate Arabic espresso and dates. Get henna tattoos. Evaluate customary Arabic ensembles. Smoke seasoned shisha. Look at some keepsake things. At supper time, a rich BBQ smorgasbord is served while you are engaged by stunning Tanoura Dance and Belly Dance exhibitions. Book your desert safari undertakings with Day Out Dubaitoday, and grasp the rush and excellence of the desert.
Rental Mobil di Sewa Elf Jakarta
Permasalahan transportasi anda bisa di atasi dengan adanya sewa elf jakarta yaitu perusahaan dengan layanan jasa rental kendaraan untuk berbagai kegiatan anda seperti penjemputan dari bandara, jalan jalan kantor, perjalanan bisnis bersama kerabat kantor, study tour dan liburan keluarga. Sewa elf jakarta menawarkan kendaraan yang cukup lengkap mulai dari jenis kendaraan sedan, innova, elf sampai bus pariwisata juga sudah disediakan oleh hadirnya sewa elf jakarta sejak tahun 2013 sudah membantu ratusan orang dalam menemukan solusi terbaik untuk segala kebutuhan transportasi yang mereka butuhkan. Kalian bisa menghubungi sewa elf jakarta dengan cara harus mengunjungi website sewa elf jakarta terlebih dahulu. Sewa elf Jakarta memiliki beberapa kelebihan yang bisa jadi bahan pertimbangan kalian untuk menjadikan sewa elf jakarta sebagai pilihan paling tepat. Sewa elf jakarta memberikan fasilitas yang lengkap, mulai dari ac, tv, sampai kursi yang nyaman di setiap kendaraan. Yang kedua adalah kendaraan terasa seperti baru karena dirawat setiap hari. Sewa elf memberikan garansi penjemputan tepat waktu. Sewa elf jakarta adalah salah satu jasa sewa atau rental kendaraan yang bisa dipesan dari jauh jauh hari. Sewa elf jakarta memberikan pelayanan yang ramah. Sewa elf jakarta hanya akan memberikan anda driver berlisensi dan sopan agar anda merasa tenang selama perjalanan anda. Pilihan armada sampai 75 armada jadi nggak perlu takut kendaraan yang anda mau tidak ada di sewa elf jakarta. Kini, rute perjalanan liburan sewa elf semakin bervariasi dan banyak, apalagi sewa elf sudah memiliki cabang di luar kota jakarta yaitu bandung dan yogyakarta. Kalau udah tahu seluk beluk sewa elf jakarta, apalagi nih yang kalian ragukan ? kalo udah nggak ada yang diragukan sebagiknya segera hubungi sewa elf jakarta dan pesan kendaraan sesuai dengan apa yang kalian butuhkan.