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OK; I already thought New Zealand was awesome enough for being the location of the Lord of the Rings filming, but they just got even cooler. Air New Zealand released an epic flight safety video as the official sponsors of the upcoming Hobbit movie. Very, very cool. You keep doing what you're doing, New Zealand.
This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Seriously. I already wanted to go visit the film site there someday, but now I'm ready to buy a ticket! So epic...
@sanityscout If theyre really going to give me this treatment, I'll get my ticket, too!
This is very cool. What a great way to appease your passenger who are clearly coming for a certain kind of tourism.
This is so awesome! Makes me want to fly to New Zealand
This makes me think of the posters in Murray's office on Flight of the Conchords. "New Zealand - It's like Lord of the Rings!"