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This is a live recap for ep7 with lovely photos >///< joong gi may make a heart pose to us....!! My favorite character Gwang su (JG) is on the third picture with EG hehehehe.really cute !!! +EP1 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/49670 +EP2 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50318 +EP3 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/51050 +EP4 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52059 +EP5 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52538 +EP6 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/54875 CHARACTERS Song joong ji as Gang ma ru Moon chae won as Seo eun gi Park shi yeon as Han jae hee Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil Lee yu bi as Gang choco Lee sang yeop as Park jun ha Last ep ending is that EG found the picture that JH and MR are together. Let's see what happens to them today :) The phone is ringing from her brother. His brother asks where is you? CC says to MR just soon JH's brother came here and beat JG and he brought your cell phone to get JH's number. JG " Why did you tell him that? It makes him crazy.." CC"I don't know but JH's brother hit him...so it makes me crazy.. I know I just one side love I never harm you anymore, right? " MR calls his phone because jh'S brother has it. He tell him " let's meet us.. I know her place:" EG sees the picture of JH and MR. Actually her lawyer JUNHA hands to it. Junha makes his order to his people. MR faces to EG. EG looks serious and feels puzzled. She remebered MR told about JH who was a reporter of the dirty society and also JH told about MR. Maybe EG gets wind of what is going on...They already know each other. Junha explains all the situation. JH handed to 10billion to him and it is money to conceal his lips. EG says "keep going" JHB" How are you? I heard that you murdered right?" MR" Are you looking for JH? Actually she is dead 6 years ago. so don't find her anymore" JHB" Huhhh Okay I called JH who was dead 6 years ago just today. JH killd someone right? you never kill anyone. you covered her crime. " MR"don't care about this." JHB" mr..I will get your revenge,too. She is a really evil.. I will get your revenge and my mother's revenge..tell where is she" MR" I killed him really.. Don't hang around her. I can kill twice do you want to be death? " EG" Keep going. Anymore? " JUNHA" He approached you with a purpose.." EG" You said that already.. " JUNHA"...." EG" i don't care . what others?" JUNHA says to the president " Soon, you'd better make her return her place" He says that you have to be hurry.. If you don't this maybe EG will never come TAESAN again... he thinks she is crazy. JH calls to MR She gets angry. She thinks he brought in her brother to this. The president ordered JH that bring EG to home from MR. As parents, you have to be worry about her and bring her as soon as possible. EG"Hey handsome guy hehe let's drink achol." MR" This lady maybe crazy.. you're a patient." But finally EG wins! She found the good place to drink. MR worried about her.. so he drink the bottle instead of her and says" today only drink this" EG "In seoul, it is huge right? How many people in here?" MR" Well.." EG" In there, there is a person who you will be married and also a person who will be married with me...when you marry with someone, send me your wedding invitation." MR"..." EG" Just to be sure, you understand my saying? you think you dare to marry with me?" MR" i know... I'm not even thinking about wedding aniversity.. you mean we maybe stop here.. I understand...let's break up" EG tells that he get angry about this situation right?.. okay...let's stop here.." And she comes back and faces into JH. She says let's go to home together. she falls down. 'Hey mr. MR" and someone hits him. these people maybe JH's side. She calls him and she says to him " Sign up this paper that these people have. If you accept this contract, you will get building and farm in Kalifonia. Of course your sister ticket too in there. If you miss this chance again, you will lose your close one. ASAP leave here and never meet my daughter. It is our president's order" JG travels to Anmeando island with CC. It is MR's appeal so she don't know what happens to her brother. JG" Don't care about your brother and just focus on me" CC" What happens to you? umm.I have something to tell you... no..maybe you give me a clout.." JG" i never .not.even touch your hair.. tell me what?" CC"Maybe I lure you ..tonight. Actually last time. you're drunken I kissed on your forehead" JG was shocked what? and he hits her. " You're always just my little sister.. not women.. you're not my ideal person!!" The president is looking for JUNHA. He knows the relationship between Ann and JH and he orders that find the way how to punish both of them as many as possible." Jo secretary tells Ann that the president have the CCTV from the president house. There was a photo of Ann and the lady JH. And even JUNHA already knew this photo..before the president knows. The woman voices out to find MR and CC. But no one is answer. The shoes are still there. EG sees MR's name on the prescription. The memory EG" Anything to tell me?" MR"take care" EG" Take care" At membership resort CC are about to go back to her home. she says my brother never anwser the phone. I will go back JG you never go. your brother go to travel with another girl. CC don't be lie he never turn off his cell phone because to get phone from my emergency situations. JG It is not him. When you fell down, I always run away to you CC yes right. then why you came to me when I fall down? you did really good jobs but you said you never allow me to love you. It's unfair !!!!!!!! Actually I lied yesterday. I kissed third, not once !!! EG has been imprisoned in her house. It is the president's order. EG worries about MR and asks JH that why you hit him like this cruel way? I heard all your conversation through calling. JHB calls JH. it's time to meet me. you reared well your dog, MR. He theated me like that if you hang around JH one more I will kill you. JH is shocked because she thinks MR brought him into this but MR protected JH.. EG recalls her memories with MR and escape from her home sceretly..to meet MR. EG rings the bell. " Gang MA RU..hey MR... " She waits in front of the door even the rainy weather.. MR comes out..(.ㅜnㅜ He was hurt too much...My heart is like teared...ㅜnㅜ) EG says" Since I was born.. I first fall in love someone..MR.... That kiss.... was my first kiss.. My only wish right now.. is that everyday I heard "I love you" from you.. everyday I eat dinneer with you.. and raise the kids..become old together... Is it possible ? .." He hugs her.. In the back side JH looks both of them ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish..bye bye see you guys tomorrow.. really...ASAP. maybe I can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Innocent Man (aka Nice Guy) - Episode 7+Eng Sub http://www.vingle.net/posts/59742
l like that photo of yours and i'm your number fan n d philippines..saranghae
nylamrehs you're welcome :) Thanks for your kind word hhehehe
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