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dlymetothemoon ... i love ur name:) anyway, when i read something and i like it i just clicked share and always in a rush because i'm on my lunch break at work, i thought by clicking the link it will just pop up the whole article. Next time I will, k ... ;) about the smoothie recipe, i simply take the "meat" of the aloe vera from its leaf ok, the jelly like stuff. Then i put in the Ninja bullett and add some organic fruits like black grapes, an orange, or a slice of a pineapple ... i only add 1 kind of fruit and just a small piece just to cover up the not so pleasant taste and smell of the aloe vera. Blend it for 2 min and thats it. I make it for breakfast and dinner. It makes about half a cup and i do this daily for almost 2 months now and one thing I noticed Im not as sickly as i used to;)
Could you add some info from the link to the card, Its much easier for me to read the info here than clicking a link :) Maybe add your aloe smoothie recipe!
This is like an addtion to my daily / weekly regimen that i learned from here. I do thw aloe vera smoothie, the lemon water, the coconut oil pulling, and my fav is the sugar / lemon facial ... so easy and delivers superb result. i so love Vingle!