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Breaking in the yellow kilmer series #Orangatang wheels.! 69mm tall, 48mm wide, 39.5mm contact patch, 86a durometer, round-lip edge, centerset core, and a Peachy-thane formula.Great wheel for sliding downhill! :) #longboard #obeysticker
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personally I need a board that has great acceleration stability and good for sliding preferably a top mount our drop thorough board@ayedude693
@RobertStriker okay youre gonna want a top mount so you have better control for sliding, try either gullwing or paris trucks, and be very picky with what wheels you choose. If you still want to carve go drop through with some drop and concave in the deck so you can carve and slide.
any specific deck brand I should look at @ayedude693
My favorite brand is Original Skateboards.. but theres Arbor, Loaded, Madrid, Rayne, and Sector 9
ok thanks @ayedude693