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a lil poem I wrote..
@greggr @timeturnerjones Thanks guys.! I'm glad you liked it.
@ayedude693 @timeturnerjones Yes, the windows really are the best part. Happy to read it! Looking forward to more in the future.
@ayedude693 @greggr The window metaphors are great! Everytime you glance in a window, you see something new, and I think that relationships like you said are much the same. That idea really shows through in the mirroring of window imagery!
@greggr Yeah I had second thoughts on "thee" but its supposed to rhyme with compatibility and I didnt want anyone to get confused if they read "the" and miss pronounce it. I screen shotted it from my journal app and didnt feel like re-writing it, sorry. The window metaphors are meant to make the reader think about how dynamic perspectives can be in relationships and personalities, just like how the view through a window constantly changes over time.The fact that I put them at both ends of the poem was to keep the reader in that same train of thought. Thanks for reading my poem! :)
This poem starts and ends with windows, and I think connection draws on the introspection aspect of this poem; and on the looking into a relationship, peering inside it to see what it really is. I have to say, though, I felt like that "thee" usage was not necessary; it feels a bit out of place! @ayedude693 Can I ask why these are screen shots? It's a little hard to read. Thank you for sharing!