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if u guys haven't seen the sharkwheels yet check them out. im SEVEN the los Angeles sales representative for sharkwheels hmu if u need more info.
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They are round! Haha interesting idea! Guess if you live in a shit hole they would be great to have! Idk :D
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how about, all the ppl who hav3 questions about sharkwheels. address them to me. if u would like to acquire a pair of wheels use the sales code " SEVEN " at checkout and receive 15% off ur purchase.
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@IsaHasan my question was addressed to you. I posted it in the comments so that anybody else with the same question could see.
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well @steezus if u go to sharkwheel. com the have better explanatory details than i could text
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Ok thanks Isa, will do!
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