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Since spooky times are upon us, I thought it might be fun if we all tried to write a little piece or two about Halloween! Over the next 4 days, I'll post 1 prompt / day about Halloween. Please feel free to join in: write your piece in the comments, or make a card of your own and leave us the link here! Let's see how spooky we can get this Halloween! Prompt #1: Write a piece titled "Spooky." The content doesn't have to be just about Halloween, but let's up that fear-factor and see what scary aspects we can add to each piece we create today.
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dude tat was creepy. I loved it @pureheart517
3 years ago·Reply
@Pureheart517 Seriously spooky! I love it!! @AhmadBlack @GeorgeJensenJr I'm gonna check yours out now.
3 years ago·Reply
@DanielRivera You should write one, too! Thank you @GeorgeJensenJr @AhmadBlack @Pureheart517 Thanks for writing!
3 years ago·Reply