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One More Minute

Paradise is broken. Shadows drape across my wonderland. I take long strides to reach the warmth of the setting sun, Past a woman on a bench, Past two children playing, Across the wooden bridge and through the gate, I find my spot in the sun. Intrusion, Words and a kiss. Away with you! I must have this one minute. Time is my enemy and the creaking of my bones, The birds are circling above, the fountain ever flowing. I stretch, I reach, I see beyond for one minute. I breathe it in; make it a part of me. I feel the shadow cross my face. I shift, and finding a new spot, I beg the sun to stay for just one more minute. It slips away below the treeline, Ignoring my pleading. And again intrusion, Words and a clattering of disdain. Why must I beg for just one more minute?
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