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Scottish group Belle and Sebastian have released their first single off their upcoming album Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance —out January 20 in the U.S. (and January 19 in the UK and Europe) I've been listening to this group since as far back as I can remember, so I really can't wait for new tunes. I think I remember @danidee mentioning listening to them too! Their music is feel-good and catchy, but they often use Morrisey-esque dark lyrics that takes their work to a new level! Give it a listen!
Ahhhh I'm so excited. This reminds me a bit of the disco-poppy feel of their other song Your Cover's Blown. (And yes, I love B&S. It's why my pet dachshund's name is Belle! :D )
I love Belle and Sebastian! I can't wait to hear the new album. let's discuss again after listening!