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If you're ever feeling like the hip hop scene is getting stale, give this group a quick listen and you'll change your mind. Shabazz Palaces is an American, Seattle-based experimental hip-hop group that creates music that uses percussion, electro, and harmonies in a way that I've never heard before. Their 2011 release, Black Up, is one of my favorite albums to zone out to. Even their up-tempo work has a hypnotic, calming element to it. Their latest release, Lese Majesty, is a collection of 18 solid tracks that jump off right where Black Up left off. According to their label, Sub Pop, "A unique and glorified offering into our ever-uniforming musical soundscape, Lese Majesty is a beatific war cry, born of a spell, acknowledging that sophistication and the instinctual are not at odds" Their US leg of the tour will be with my man Julian Casablancas, so if you get the chance to see them live you're in for a great show! Check out their tour dates on their site here: