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just washed my bikes. thought you might like my collection. share your bike/bikes
@GuilloermoGarcia I won't be able to buy the bike by the end of the winter so I figured buying one then would be okay for the Spring as it won't cause too long a wait. Then again it does snow a lot here...
I'm green with envy. Been looking to get a Giant bike during the winter for use in the spring to and fro work. Road bikes are amazing.
Nice man you have quite a collection there!
@anthonyb my roadbike is a 09 motobecane grandrecord, moutain bike is a 2011 kona kikapu, my fixie is from phat cycles the phixie and my beach cruiser is just a Walmart bike but replaceed all the cheap part with legit ones but its a 29in wheels,7 gears so its pretty beasty but its a genesis gx7.
I would warn to stay away from Walmart bikes, especially their fat bikes. It's going to be really (really really) heavy. Invest the money into something that will last for years and that you can grow into. Maybe something a bit out of your price range and comfort zone, but you'll be happy about it in a few months.
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