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Last night, I got into a bit of a fender bender, and my best friend Simeon came to my rescue. Needless to say, he earned himself some surprise cupcakes, so I stopped off at my favorite local cupcake shop, Elizabethan Desserts. Look how cute these Halloween cupcakes are - a ghost, a 'mustachioed' ghost, coconut mummy, and a chocolate fudge werewolf! I figured my fellow baking and cooking (and sweets) fanatics would totally appreciate this creativity.
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Elizabethan! That's where I always get my birthday cupcakes :) I love the pistachio moustachio one!
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These are simply adorable!
3 years ago·Reply
@caricakes I appreciate your taste in cupcakes. ;)
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The coconut mummy is my favorite :)
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@happyrock That one tastes the best too! I love coconut.
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