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Day 3 of the Halloween prompts is here, knocking on your door; will you answer? Until the 31st, I'll be posting 1 prompt / day about Halloween: please feel free to join in! Write your response in the comments, or make a card of your own and leave me a link so I can enjoy it. Let's write together this Halloween! Prompt #3: For this prompt, complete the next sentence (you can revise it to be more poetic!) and turn it into a piece: "I was really afraid when..." To view prompt #1: To view prompt #2: Please, join me in this! Let's have some Halloween fun in the writing communities. @timeturnerjones @GeorgeJensenJr @onesmile @DanielRivera @RobertStriker @ayedude693 @Pureheart517 @rastatee @Alexkeem @AhmadBlack @DebankaChandra
@greggr Do you plan to make more prompts?
@greggr @onesmile likewise!! I'll keep reading everyones :)
@greggr I'm still behind, but I'll try tomorrow!
Whenever you have time, feel free to join in! I know it can be quite time consuming, but I'd love to see more responses.