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trying something new let me know what you think?
I'm glad to hear that. I honestly and glad to hear your inspired by my work. @timeturnerjones
I used to try to do stuff like this in high school, but mine never looked like this good! I'm totally reinspired now; maybe I can create some poems for my walls as decoration, now! @DanielRivera
thank you @greggr.
thank you @WordDoctor. sorry for the extremely late reply. (on a side note) my grammar in my comments suck. buttttttttttt I will definitely start doing more of this
I love this, @DanielRivera! I've done a little bit of collage poetry myself - and this makes me want to dig it out and do some more! If I find I'll take a photo and share it. I hope you make some more for us to see!
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