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A few waterfalls around me in Vermont
@marshalledgar That does sound really fun. Where I lived in New Jersey, we were around tons of golf courses, so when the snow fell hard and the schools were closed, they became the perfect sledding slopes!
Nice. I bet this area is even prettier when it starts to snow. I've never been to Vermont, but when I was living in New Jersey, it was a reaaaally popular place for my classmates to go skiing on winter break.
@danidee I miss those days! back then my dad would put us kids on the best sled and hurl us down snowy hills. it was a flat round disk like plastic with handles and you just sit, hang on for dear life and pray your heart won't stop. awesome memories. Now I'm an LA boy. hahaha
@danidee My twin brother and I were born in Vermont and lived in Hoosick Falls, NY, which is like down the street (sorta). Really beautiful out there. In the summer we'd get on scooter boards and fly down the slopes in concrete channels. Way Fun!
@TylerGeorge Aw, may it RIP haha
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