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Chilling Tales: The Statement of Randolph Carter by H.P. Lovecraft
A Lovecraft classic: The Statement of Randolph Carter! This particular reading by David Alnwick. This story tells of a character, Randolph Carter, who verbatim tells about why he was found in amnesiac shock wandering the swamplands, and why his friend is missing. This friend, and Carter, were students of the same kind of occult as Lovecraft himself. After following his friend into the earth, he has a strange experience. Bundle up, and listen to this creepy tale!
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If you two haven't slept yet, this one won't help, but you should enjoy it anyways! @timeturnerjones @happyrock
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@greggr I was a bit busy this weekend, sorry! Ill give it a listen soon but im already creeped out based on the description
3 years ago·Reply
@timeturnerjones That's just the start of it :)
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