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I'm a night owl. With these all-nighters for school, comes hunger (aka college probz). One thing I always do is snack on cereal. Normal people grab a bowl and spoon, but I get so lazy sometimes that I just grab my mug, fill it with cereal and milk, and head back to my desk. I never grab a spoon, mostly because I want to multi-task and I convince myself having a spoon won't let me do that. It drives me crazy when I do this, because I forget I drink all the milk and get left with soggy cereal stuck at the bottom of my mug. FWP moment at its finest. It's like each time I think I could make it work...drink the perfect amount of milk and munch on enough cereal and not be left with cereal stuck on the mug. IT NEVER WORKS! To be fair, I am sleep deprived. Haha. Moral of the story: Sleep more, use a spoon.
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Hahahaha maybe it'll work better with oatmeal!
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@danidee hahaha, yes...maybe I can find a way to make this work XD
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