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Cell cromo frame, mavic ellipse wheel set, thickslick's, SRAM ominium crank, romin evo pro saddle, dmr v8 pedals, cinelli kink straps, fizik tape, fixation bar ends. The only rules for El toro loco "stickers can never be paid for, only from gifts and experiences" every sticker has a story and a memory :)
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It has a flip flop hub on the rear, so shits and giggles fixed and commute on free wheel. After I broke a rib a couple weeks ago. I trust my legs but not the other idiots on the road.
Nice. One question tho- what's the protrusion from the rear of the seat?
Thanks jack :) the protrusion is called an ass saver made by a Dutch company called smartass :) basically a removable mud guard that slides under your seat :) reasonably cheap and quite effective, definitely an essential for winter commuting :)
@ToddThorburn Smart on you for getting brakes for the freewheel. I was also wondering why you'd get thick slicks if you were riding freewheel, but it makes sense if you are switching back forth between free and fixed.
Yeah they are a bit sketchy on a wet commute but heaps of fun and almost indestructible ;)