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This has got to be my favorite Twitter trending hashtag in quite a while: Crappy Halloween Costumes! While scrolling this tag, I was able to find so many sub-par Halloween costumes (not saying mine are ever much better!) and I just thought I had to share some of them. So, in no particular order, the best of the crappiest Halloween costumes I could find: 1: Crap. Actually crap. 2: One Direction 3: That little girl from Finding Nemo 4: A Box of Groceries 5: Party in my Pants 6: Waist of Time 7: A Glue Stick (?) 8: A toilet 9: Bud Light Year Some of these are pretty punny @ChristinaBryce , what do you think?
I wouldn't say "poor girl". She picked this DISGUSTING, inappropriate costume! I hate bathroom humor. I'm really not as humorless as I sound... Lol It's just the whole bathroom thing just isn't funny to me.
@danidee I know. She looks so unamused!! @timeturnerjones Thanks for sharing this, clipped to my punny collections :)
@Amye1 I'm pretty sure the crappy girl picked her own but what if the toilet girl was made to wear it by her mom? lol how unfortunate!!!
Oh my goodness...bud light year is hilarious. That's a total win!
Hahahah poor toilet girl's little face.