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This has got to be my favorite Twitter trending hashtag in quite a while: Crappy Halloween Costumes! While scrolling this tag, I was able to find so many sub-par Halloween costumes (not saying mine are ever much better!) and I just thought I had to share some of them. So, in no particular order, the best of the crappiest Halloween costumes I could find: 1: Crap. Actually crap. 2: One Direction 3: That little girl from Finding Nemo 4: A Box of Groceries 5: Party in my Pants 6: Waist of Time 7: A Glue Stick (?) 8: A toilet 9: Bud Light Year Some of these are pretty punny @ChristinaBryce , what do you think?
Hahahah poor toilet girl's little face.
@danidee I know. She looks so unamused!! @timeturnerjones Thanks for sharing this, clipped to my punny collections :)
Oh my goodness...bud light year is hilarious. That's a total win!
I wouldn't say "poor girl". She picked this DISGUSTING, inappropriate costume! I hate bathroom humor. I'm really not as humorless as I sound... Lol It's just the whole bathroom thing just isn't funny to me.
@Amye1 I'm pretty sure the crappy girl picked her own but what if the toilet girl was made to wear it by her mom? lol how unfortunate!!!