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i owe my best of childhood memories to harry potter.. he made me dream and wish..even though i knew it was fantasy made me live the story..feel the love, pain and joy.. i cherish it.. and no matter how old i get..there is nothing in the world that can beat my once harry potter craze..and i still love it the same.. i'll always be a fan
and a matter of fact..long live hbo!
hey shaover.. yup.. the novels are worth a keepsake..and me too.. i'll make my children read it for sure.. a compulsory reading!! lol
I am even planning of keeping a copy of the book so that I can share it with my children and my grandchildren you know! so that it will live until the next generation.. :D
so true...I really,really miss it...good thing they still play it in HBO...atleast I can still watch them again and again... :D
when i was small.. i always wanted to marry him.. but not when he grew up..he looked cooler when he was young
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