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Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 6 Recap and Screenshots
After playfully pushing Yoo-jin into the pool, Nae-il and the boys watch curiously as he splashes around and then remains below the surface. They don’t know that he’s having a post-traumatic panic attack of some sort, and that he’s lying on the floor of the pool thinking he’s going to die. Suddenly a boy standing nearby jumps in to rescue him, and drags Yoo-jin out of the pool and revives him. Without so much as a thank-you from the others, he gets pushed aside by Nae-il, who cries for Orabang to wake up. Yoo-jin’s panic attack continues as he rests in the first-aid room, and when the memory of his plane crash in the ocean subsides, he gets up and sighs that there’s really no chance of him ever studying abroad.
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