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The morning after Sun realizes that his father signed the traitorous maengui document under the nickname Juk-pa, he sets out to see him wearing the grimmest of faces. (Former) Prime Minister Kim Taek watches this with some satisfaction, having been the one to send the prince the anonymous Juk-pa tip. He calls it a warning to the king, essentially threatening to take him down with him. Nobody messes with Kim Taek and can expect to get away with it. Before Sun has a chance to say anything, Yeongjo requests his company and takes him along to a visit to his mother’s grave. Yeongjo’s mother was a water maid who became Sukjong’s concubine (and the basis for the lead character in Dong-yi), and Yeongjo explains having been ashamed of that fact, as well as resentful. Had she remained a lowborn servant, that would have been one thing, but because she was elevated to such a lofty status in a strictly stratified society, Yeongjo suffered constant disdain for her origins.
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