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Mother: Here you go, I know it`s not the best school/place for him, but its just that we cant aford it right now, so he`s just gonna have to stay here untill we can sed him to a more qualified place. Here is the informationa, the medicines and this is the last ( and she says something I dont understand, sry :() Headmaster: Yes, agreed. Just sign here and that would be all. Maria! Again running around the halls, can you please do me a favor and go out and play with the other children/kids? Teacher: Children! Children! this is our new classmate, but he is just a little bit special, but above everything else make him feel welcome the time he spends with us. Okey, so lets start today`s lesson. Do you remember what talked about the importance off........(something I can't understand).... Cuerdas=ropes! Outside: at least here you have a view over the children (or something), okey, i`m gonna go now alright? Girl: But Maria where are you going? Maria: Hello, what's your name? My name is Maria, wanna shake hands? Don't you know how to walk? or to talk? Don't you know anything? What's wrong with you/ what's the matter with you? You`re a bit strange. Look, it's very easy, if you want to move your hand, u do it like this, and it moves. If you want to speak/ talk you just say He-llo and you speak. Girl 2: Maria, come and play with us! Maria: And what if your arm is itching? How will you scratch it? When my arm is itching I can't stand it, I have to scratch it. Girl 2: But Maria, what are you doing? Maria: Do you want to play skipping rope with me, look its fun! Girl 2: Ugh, how weird isn`t Maria? Maria: I know what's wrong with you, I bet you like football. Now concentrate, he is gonna shoot and win the whole game. Incredibly, the ball approximates the goal and.........( sry :() Score and c`mon , C`mon!!! He is the best player!! Girl 2: Ugh, how weird isn`t Maria? Bell rings! Maria: let me, I can take him/ take him outside! Teacher: Okay, if you say so. Maria: "sings". Once upon a time there was a witch who fell in love with a prince. Bell rings! Maria: One, two " pulling his legs with the rope", One, two 2 pulling his arms up" Bell rings! Maria: Captain, save me, Oh Captain, save me, you`re the only one that can save me. " Sticks on mustache" You won't be able to save her. We have taken over this ship " laughs" Maria: "reading the fairy tale book" and so the prince and the witch lived happily ever after. Maria: " sings a playground song" 2x. I got you! Maria: " places the ball on his wheelchair" aaaah, yes! Se you did it all by yourself. You are gonna recover and and you ganna walk and also talk and we are going to see the whole world together "says something about a ant eater" "hugs him" Bell rings! Teacher: Maria, today he is not able to go and play outside. Look, he is a little bit tired today, but if you want to, you can stay in here whit him and keep him whit some company. Maria: What's wrong? you don't want to play today? " moves funiture/tables" "puts on music" "lifts him up" "slow dance" He imagines them dancing in a big beautiful decorated room ;( Maria: " La, La, La" Yes, he walks, "claps" I'm the best teacher/trainer in the whole world. " jumps at the window and says something i cant translate" Headmaster: I can't imagine you`re pain. We are almost ready to hand him over to you. At least he died while sleeping, without feeling any pain. The truth is he was always happy/ had a happy face/smile. I don't know how we are gonna tell the children, especially Maria. He was her best friend/ they were best friends. Sad mother: I see/ understand. We will collect all his supplies/ stuff as soon as possible "Maria cries, and rolls ropes around her wrist, walks away" Veinte anos despue4s= 20 years late "sign, Centro de educacion spesial =Special Education Center" "woman walks into a classroom" - Hi kids, good morning, I am Maria and I am you4r new teacher " we see the rope around her wrist" END