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Inspired by a TED Talk by Stefan Sagmeister, this young couple packed up their things and spent a year traveling through Central America, Europe, and New Zealand, recording their entire experience. I found this video to be a strangely calming experience and found that they explored parts of the world I have certainly never seen before. Here's a snippet of Sagmeister's talk, and I've attached the full video in this card! "I run a design studio in New York. Every seven years, I close it for one year to pursue some little experiments, things that are always difficult to accomplish during the regular working year. In that year, we are not available for any of our clients. We are totally closed. And as you can imagine, it is a lovely and very energetic time." He claims that these year-long sabbaticals allow him to clear his mind and come up with fresh, creative ideas for his work that he would never have come up with trapped in his usual office. He uses his world travels to gather inspiration and slow down to really think things through. So far, his little adventures have paid off, and above all, he is happy. "I'm happy I'm alive. I'm happy I'm alive. I'm happy I'm alive." I hope this inspires some of you Vinglers to get out and see the world :)
i really like seeing how people walk,play and think. i see in ur video
I love Stefan Sagmeister, he inspires me so much as a graphic designer and as a person :) I hope I can one day reach a point in my career where I will be able to take a yearly would be so awesome to travel the world!