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This free site by cartoonist Ryan Estrada is really one of the BEST aids for learning the Korean alphabet that I have come across. The comic is very good and his method is fun and intuitive. The combination of images and mnemonic tools really cement the letters and sounds in your mind. My family and I used this to learn the alphabet basics practically in one night! Hurry to the site and after just a few minutes - you can start telling people that you can read Korean!
I remember using this when I first started studying Korean and I haven't found anything better! It's got it all, plus the humor helps me remember the characters :)
@chasinghapiness I agree! This helped me get the consonants down so quickly. I'll admit the vowels are a littttttlle bit trickier.
@TheAlliCat Yeah, Ryan Estrada was pretty much a genius when he made this. I'm so happy to see others get as much out of it as I have!
This is the most amazing thing I've found so far! Thank you so much for making this!
Me too!