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Nobody comes out alive… I pause to ponder, Should I let death continue to stalk me? Always anxious of every fleeting moment, & on the look-out of its sneaky shadows..? Or should I pre-empt it, catch it by surprise, See the smirk on its face slowly crumble in disbelief, Gotcha!..i guess you didn’t expect that? Perhaps I should just let it be… Forget its every palpable presence, Walk through life like an immortal, Welcome every danger and savour its thrill, Tempt fate, take risks & run in the wind without care, Swim in the nude, scale cliffs & dangle on branches, Let the adrenaline course through me, Feel my heart beat with every scare of fall, Wallow in the full abandon of my youth, And every scratch, scar and gush of blood, Be a testament that I chanced it all & yet lived, And sweet pain…a reminder that I’m still alive, When death finally chokes with envy, I will go out quietly with a grin on my face.. With no remorse, regrets or apologies, Besides, nobody comes out alive…
@Alexkeem Looking forward to seeing more in the future
This poem traveled through such a range of emotions: fearing death, escaping it by ending early, or beating it by really living, only to die in the end. What an exploration of the idea! @Alexkeem
@Alexkeem Your writing never fails to impress me Alex....woah. I thought this was going to be really dark in the beginning (thinking about death usually is) but I like the way you used so much strong imagery in the second half--the part about really living--to compete with the idea that death has to win when we die!