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What time is it? - 몇 시예요?
몇 시예요? myeot-shi-ye-yo? What time is it?
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I'm sort of loving the fact you decided to use Lee Min Ho for this collection. Every time I see these cards I start laughing.
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I notice there is ye yo in the end of most of korean words like saraghaeo, Annyeonghagaesaeyo pogoshipyohaesaeyo kwinchanaeyo chuhahasaoye lol any reason why
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@sherrysahar Anything that ends in 'yo' is formal way of speaking to someone you're just meeting. The type of Korean you hear in K-Pop and Korean dramas doesn't usually have 'yo' at the end because it's more casual and between friends.
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@danidee :) quite helpful thanks :)
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