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Indonesia is arguably a country that considers the art of watching movies in movie theaters a very serious business. “I have been living across Europe and Singapore recently, but nothing beats the theaters in Jakarta,” said Alex, a German native. Fortunately, thanks to the country's newest movie-theater chain Cinemaxx, which is affiliated with the Lippo Group of companies, moviegoers now have the option to enjoy the same luxury in other cities as well. On Friday, Cinemaxx announced the grand launch of its first state-of-the-art flagship theater at Palembang Icon Mall in South Sumatra. The 15-screen theater, said to be Indonesia's largest, will open in two phases. During the launch, the company unveiled the first phase of the project, which features eight screens — including one Ultra XD screen and two Cinemaxx Gold screens — and approximately 1,500 seats in eight auditoriums. Ultra XD is the giant-screen format of Cinemaxx that features an ultra-wide, high-gain 22-meter curved screen and a high-powered digital projection system. Meanwhile Cinemaxx Gold, the VIP offering of Cinemaxx, allows guests to view the season’s biggest hits while enjoying first-class dining — from gourmet snacks and entrees to luscious desserts — served by attendants on call. Unlike conventional move theaters, guests at Cinemaxx Gold can enjoy lavish, twin-motor leather recliners, where they can lie back and put their feet up at the push of a button. "Even without Phase 2, Cinemaxx Palembang Icon is already the largest and most comprehensive movie theater on the entire island of Sumatra. This is the first of many state-of-the-art movie theaters that we are building to bring our 'Maxximum Movie Experience' to moviegoers across Indonesia," Cinemaxx chief executive officer Brian Riady told a group of journalists from Jakarta at Cinemaxx Palembang Icon on Friday. "We have two sites already in Jakarta. We chose Palembang as our first flagship site because we are confident that we can dominate the market and it can represent what the brand is all about." On a mission to become the country's largest and most preferred movie theater, Cinemaxx is set to add more screens in more cities, especially those the company is calling 'virgin movie theater territory'. "Our goal over the next ten years is to reach 85 cities, providing a total of 2,000 screens in 300 locations, many of which have never had movie theaters. In short, we want to build the most screens and reach as many people as possible, offering them values of film that they have never experienced before," added Brian. The company is also set to offer more choices for its visitors by providing attractive amenities such as Maxx Coffee (featuring a wide selection of coffees, teas, chocolate drinks, frappes and fresh fruit smoothies), bookstore Books & Beyond as well as Cinemaxx Games by Timezone (featuring the season’s most popular video games).
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I never knew Indonesia had such a big movie-going culture! We just had a luxury theatre like this open near my house!
Hahaha, that woman looks so comfortable in that big movie theater chair.