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George R.R. Martin’s Latest Book: The World Of Ice & Fire
A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin has, at long last, announced a 300 page companion work to his five book series. The World of Ice and Fire will include expanded information from the existing novels about the landscape and history of Westeros, as well as original content Martin has written specifically for this work. Martin’s books are wonderful, though I personally haven’t been able to make it far into the series, it’s a bit dark for me. The World of Ice and Fire sounds like the perfect series companion, and Martin’s own Silmarillion, I’m sure fans will be ecstatic.
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No way... Go to your desk and finish the original series first, please. I want to see the series completed more than to understand its background...
@masanobu I can certainly understand that, hopefully Martin will have a new addition to the series out soon!