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Words get caught as I choke on them, tried to speak them, but in a moment so perfect I placed them to the side and watched you smile, it was worth the silence. I burn with the science of our chemistry, you mixed with me equals a love that will reveal the formula to loves perfect verse over a tight beat but we have yet to meet because every time I prepare to speak you smile and the lion inside me gets weak and you walk away. One day I will spit a few lines, tell you to be mines and maybe you will stay, but until then I will write words and throw them to the winds, maybe you will smell the aroma of a love heaven sent.
I wonder how you smell the aroma of a love heaven sent: trying to picture it, but not having the best luck! Nice piece @AhmadBlack
I was giggling like crazy over the line "I burn with the science of our chemistry" it sounds so dangerous, but so real! It's a line I can really relate to, for sure.