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Spooky, Her face was spooky kinda creepy makes the babies not go sleepy, in truth her face was empty, hollow like the inside of a teepee. The story of this faceless ghost is the kinda of stuff you would find on TV. Please believe me when I say she was not quite born this way, she had a family and a doggie until that changed one rainy day. She sat within her house her family was away, she heard something upstairs she thought this a bit strange. She walked quickly up the stairs, open her bedroom door, she found a beastly creature, it was resting on the floor. She was startled at first, but her intrigue captured her senses, since she had never seen a beast like this before, her actions were quite senseless. She touched the creature softly she rubbed the creature at a slow pace, the creature quickly jumped up, the creature ate her face. Now she wears a mask and makes the babies not go sleepy, what lies beneath the mask is nothing, which is creepy and oh so spooky. Rashaad
@csgeek @AhmadBlack Actually, I can as well! I think we'd all be a bit scared afterwards, though.
Ooooh so creepy. I can imagine this being read aloud at a camp-out
Thank you for joining in @AhmadBlack! This is definitely a creepy piece; all about that spooky mask.
This is so...creepy!!! I wasn't sure exactly what was going on but....the creature ate her face? Really scary...!! I love it. @AhmadBlack