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Actor Jo In-Sung & actress Song Hye-Kyo have accepted the lead roles in upcoming drama series THAT WINTER, THE WIND BLOWS (literal title of "Geu Gyeowool, Barami Boonda"). The drama series is based on a 2002 TBS drama series "Forget Love" that starred Ryoko Hirosue, Atsuro Watabe & Tatsuya Fujiwara. The drama series THAT WINTER, THE WIND BLOWS also features director Kim Kyu-Tae and screenwriter No Hee-Kyung who previously worked with actress Song Hye-Kyo in 2008 KBS2 drama series "Worlds Within......". Filming for THAT WINTER, THE WIND BLOWS begins this October and will air sometime during the first half of 2013 in Korea. cr:iam.shim
i'm ha ji won team.... hahahaha.....
i'm on song hye team!!
but I like ha ji won more....
@bix2anca...hahha, that would be cool...^^ @neaa.. lol, this movie is so interesting and with the leads, it's no wonder that we're discussing it this early...
i hope so..if they do i'll even suggest them to try dating..they'll make a pretty couple
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