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Looking out, staring just seeing this cloak of darkness Walking out, moving just feeling someone upon us Getting scared, listening trying to hear if he's still near Over there, I see an outline dark and big as a black bear Stop in place, waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting BEHIND YOU Start to run, faster than ever before but he's right there Turn around, trying to get out but it's dark so you're scared Trembling, drop to your knees and scream "this is not fair!" Crying now, standing over you is the man in his mask Scared to death, look him in the eye and yell "just make this fast!" Close your eyes, waiting and waiting for the fatal blow Accept your fate, waiting and waiting now where did he go? Looking out, staring just seeing the sky is now bright Walking out, moving just feeling unexplainable fright Calming down, I don't know what just happened but I am still here Always scared, why must I live each day with such a bizarre fear? Stop in place, I've gata go home, Halloween is quite near
"and waiting and waiting and waiting" followed by "BEHIND YOU" completely changes the speed of of those commas that @timeturnerjones mentioned: suddenly I'm not creeping, but I'm running and stumbling away. Interesting and spooky @GeorgeJensenJr
I really love your style @GeorgeJensenJr each prefect of "always scared" "stop in place" with the comma makes me feel really anxious and nervous with each line: what's going to happen? This is seriously spooky! love it
This was super spooky!! cool idea :)
thanks a lot @timeturnerjones!