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The Difference Getting Married Makes

When you’re on your way to the alter, one warning you’re going to get again and again is how marriage will change your relationship. To a certain extent this is true. There are things about your relationship that are going to grow, evolve, and yes even change and these are just a few examples to prepare yourself. Being together becomes the norm. ● Now living together before getting married will help soften this one significantly, but it’s an adjustment. When you’re dating arranging to see your special someone is the norm, but once you’re under the same roof you don’t need to make plans to see them, they’re right there in front of you! Now all that sounds pretty obvious, but it alters how you live. You both need to adapt to each other and form a system and it can take some getting used to. Communication is more perfunctory. ● When you’re dating texting, emails, and even phone conversations are there to flirt and share your affections. Once you’re married however your non face-to-face communications become much more practical and pragmatic. Less characters and time spent flirting and more time put towards achieving a goal. Home is no longer just a dream. ● When you’re dating you have the freedom to dream of what your home will be like, but once you tie the knot and establish yourself with your partner, that dream becomes a reality. It’s not always pretty and it’s not always what you expected, but it’s real. Alone time is treasured. ● When you’re single or dating you have the option to be by yourself, or at least without your partner for a while. Once you’re married and living together those quiet moments become all too rare. You learn to treasure a long commute or your spouse being stuck at a meeting, but on the bright side you’re rarely lonely! How you spend money is different. ● When it’s just you, you only have to budget for one and you you could coordinate money with your significant other as appropriate. Once you’re married though everything becomes joint, which can actually become a point of contention. Remember, communication is key! Your have more responsibilities to balance. ● When you’re dating but still living apart, as much as you may be involved in your partner’s life and they in yours, at the end of the day you’re responsible for yourself. When you get married of course you’re still responsible for yourself, but you also become responsible for your spouse and they for you. It’s a balancing act of caring, loving, and living. You reach a new level of intimacy. ● You get to break down the walls and share your lives completely, both joys and sorrows. As strange as it may sound, helping the one you love through something painful is sometimes more intimate and special than sharing something happy with them.
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