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Woah      Is this           Fur? What      Have I           Become? Where      Am I           Being held? How      Has this           Happened? When      Will I           Return? Who      Would do           Such a thing? Why      Do I           Feel strange? How      Can I           Stop this? Hatred Coursing      Through my           Veins. Run. Find      My way           Out. His Blood      Smells           Delicious. My Claws      Ripping up           His face. Finally Dinner      Has been           Served. Bon Appetite      I love           This taste. No Way      To turn           Back. Now. Forever.      I have           Changed.
@DanielRivera @GeorgeJensenJr Great! My goal was to get us all critiquing each other a bit more, I love reading and giving feedback, so I wanted to make sure we can all enjoy that togehter.
thanks @danielrivera ! like @greggr said, participate whenever you aren't busy! I appreciate your feedback and hope you continue to write as well :)
thanks I really like this whole idea you got going on. I feel like it brings us closer. @greggr
you are very good at this and I wish I've had the time to participate. well written and like @timeturnerjones said I like how it is spaced so I have to read down it quickly. well done friend @GeorgeJensenJr
Great one, @GeorgeJensenJr! I also really appreciate the layout on the page, @Sjeanyoon. Thinking about that makes me think we should do a shape poems prompt together! I'll have to think about how that could work...
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