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A Palazzo Versace Australia regular is apparently also a huge Snoop Dogg fan, as they just dropped a cool $10,200 on a painting the rapper created for the hotel during an online art auction. I know what you're thinking. Who even knew Snoop Dogg painted? He created the painting while he was visiting the hotel earlier this year, and so many guests were trying to buy it off of the hotel that eventually the hotel administrators caved and made it available on eBay's new live art auctions feature. But the Versace family isn't the only group out there catering to Snoop's more visual side. Swedish sock company Happy Socks has just recently launched a commercial where Snoop live paints on large canvases and discusses his process. The commercial was made to promote their new line of Snoop Dogg themed socks - though unfortunately, Snoop Dogg's epic 'de Kooning'-esque art style won't be on them.
I think I am just a hater. Wth is that, lol
Snoop is such an interesting guy, I look forward to his future work!
More power to him, haha! But what happened to him being called Snoop Lion?
@caricakes I have no idea, but I'm glad he's not Snoop Lion anymore. I like him as Snoop Dogg the best!