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London's Lisson Gallery has hosted some their fair share of both the renowned and remarkable and the fresh and up-and-coming artists of the contemporary art world - Ai Wei Wei, Marina Abramovic, and Anish Kapoor included. With this in mind, it's no wonder that Swedish installation artists Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg have finally been invited to share their work with London-based patrons. Their combined efforts invite the viewer to a complex world of color, sound, and malleable imagery. These photographs can only capture so much, so I included a short video released by the Lisson of exactly what the exhibit looks (and sounds) like, including a feathery, flying creature referencing back to their previous installation "Parade", which featured 80 bird sculptures made of wire, foam, fabric, and clay.
@galinda Yeah, I felt like I couldn't really convey how it's like without the video. It really makes a world of difference!
This looks like it would be so relaxing to sit in this room with all of these lights and sounds.